Dr. Anna K. Tuck-Scala, an American art historian, has taught courses and given lectures in Italy on Ancient, Renaissance and Baroque art since 1995, and has been a faculty member at Temple University Rome since 1999. She is author of the first scholarly monograph on Andrea Vaccaro, one of the leading painters in Naples in the middle of the seventeenth century, and of the first literary guidebook to Sorrento. Her teaching, research and publications are enriched by her deep knowledge and long experience of living in Italy. The direct study of original works of art in situ, primary sources, and documents in historical archives are her focus.



Ph.D. in Art History, The Pennsylvania State University, USA.

M.A. in Art History, The Pennsylvania State University, USA.

B.A. in the History of Art, Cornell University, NY, USA.

Semester abroad, The American University of Rome, Italy.


Courses Taught

Art History 0803/Greek and Roman Classics 0803/Religion 0803/Greek and Roman Classics 2000: The Art of Sacred Spaces

Art History 2300/English 2160/Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies 2160: Special Topics in Women’s Literature and Art: Artemisia Gentileschi (co-taught with Prof. Lucy Delogu)

Art History 0813/1003: History of Art in Rome

Art History 2428: Wonders of Rome: Art and Culture of the Baroque Era




Andrea Vaccaro (Naples, 1604-1670): His Documented Life and Art, Naples: Paparo Edizioni, 2012. Reviewed by Mauro Vincenzo Fontana, Art Italies, 20. 2014, pp. 137-139.

Co-editor (with Ann Plamondon and Linnea Vacca), Sorrento: Visiting Paradise (a literary guidebook), Sorrento-Naples:  Franco Di Mauro Editore, 2000.

Selected Articles


“Illusionistic ceiling frescoes in Baroque churches in Rome,” in Patrimonio (Revista Oficial de la Oficina Estatal de Conservaciòn Històrica de Puerto Rico), vol. 7, 2019, pp. 72-79. 

“Un dipinto di Andrea Vaccaro (e Massimo Stanzione?) ad Aversa,” in Quaderni dell’Archivio Storico Istituto Banco di Napoli Fondazione, Napoli 2011-2013 [2014], pp. 307-315.

Primary co-author (with Ida Mauro), “Tracing the Success of Andrea Vaccaro’s Paintings in Spain,” in Ricerche sul ‘600 napoletano: Saggi e documenti 2009, Naples:  Electa Napoli, 2009, pp. 157-179.

Secondary co-author (with Ida Mauro), “Las Històries de Tobies de Andrea Vaccaro de Nàpols al Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya,” in Butlletì del Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya MNAC, 10, 2009, pp. 87-109.

“Caravaggio’s ‘Roman Charity’ in the Seven Acts of Mercy,” in Parthenope’s Splendor, Art of the Golden Age in Naples, Papers in Art History from The Pennsylvania State University, volume VII, eds. Jeanne Chenault Porter and Susan Scott Munshower, 1993, pp. 126-163.


Review of The Neapolitan Lives and Careers of Netherlandish Immigrant Painters (1575-1655) by Marije Osnabrugge, 2019, in BMGN-Low Countries Historical Review, 135 (2). DOI: http://doi.org/10.18352/bmgn-Ichr.10846, 16 October 2020. 

Review of Roman Charity: Queer Lactations in Early Modern Visual Culture by Jutta Gisela Sperling, 2016, in Renaissance Quarterly, vol. 71, no. 2, Summer 2018, pp. 681-682.

Review of exhibition: “I Borghese e l’Antico” at the Villa Borghese Gallery, Rome, European Architectural History Network Newsletter, no. 2/12 (2012), pp. 68-73.

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