Prof. Aloisi Masella has taught and designed a wide range of courses of Italian Language at various American and Vatican institutions since 1983. She graduated in Languages for Interpreting and Translation (French/English) in Rome.

She is a co-founder and past president of “Italiano per te’ a Professional Organization for the promotion of Italian culture and language, created by Teachers for Teachers to implement new technologies and best practices.

Registilla Aloisi Masella’s work focuses on a ‘creative’ project of Italian language learning through the sensory channels and according the theory of "multiple intelligences" (Howard Gardner). She created' Italian in the city' course aimed at deepening the Italian language through the discovery of various Rome districts. The course integrates an interdisciplinary learning process through L2 as a vehicular language, what is commonly referred to as CLIL.



Post-Graduate certificate in Organizing and Managing Language Teachers, Ca’ Foscari University, Venice (2010)

ACTFL Certification American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (2005)

B.A. in Languages for Interpreting and Translation - French and English (1985)

Certificate in Italian Language Teaching, DILIT, Roma (i980)


Courses Taught

ITALIAN 2000: Special Topics: Italian in the City

ITALIAN 2001: Intermediate Italian I



March 2017 NEMLA - North eastern Modern Language Association-conference in BALTIMORE. Participation with Daniela Curioso to the "INNOVATIVE LANGUAGE TEACHING" session and presentation of the work "ITALIANO IN TUTTI I SENSI".

Annual AAIS Convention in Taormina , Italy (May 2008).

“Vista, udito, tatto, gusto, olfatto: percepire il mondo e interagire con esso, creando linguaggi verbali e non verbali .”


Service Provision / Professional Associations / Membership

American Association of Teachers of Italian (AATI) American Association for Italian Studies (AASI Cultural Association, Italiano per Te (IPT)


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