Nicole Ann Leonardelli, as the Assistant Director of Business Operations and Finance, collaborates with a range of Temple University Rome stakeholder groups locally and in the U.S., to ensure the continuity of day to day business operations. As a strong believer in constructive collaboration, Nicole enjoys working in the international academic sector where she can continuously revamp her skills and competencies to benefit the university and ultimately the students.
Most recently she completed a Master’s course in Rome at Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata, entitled Le Professioni Economico Contabili geared towards economics, accounting and fiscal regulations in Italy. Her thesis included a case study on financial statement analysis and forecasting for a private school.
Nicole also holds a Dual Bachelor’s in Business Administration in Finance and Marketing from Loyola University Chicago.
Intrigued by family ties to Italy, Nicole first came to Rome to participate in a study abroad semester at Loyola University’s John Felice Rome Center. She has been enamored with the city, and the opportunities it brings, ever since.