Dr. Smith has taught at Temple Rome since 1996. His research interests include urban trends especially in the peripheral areas of Rome. He is completing a book on Pier Paolo Pasolini and his impact on urban art forms, such as street art and rap. His other area of interest is farming, especially social farming. He published a book in 2012 on farmers in central Italy, and is currently working on a project involving social farming, including initiatives directed by antimafia activists. He has an article under a review for publication entitled “Social Agriculture, Antimafia Movements and Beyond.” Deriving from the same set of interests was a lecture given in April 2019 at the University of Arkansas Rome Center under the title “Paesaggi Pini Pini: Notes on Rome’s Edible Landscape.” He is co-editor of a collection of essays published by Ashgate on Public Space in Rome through the Ages. He has collaborated actively with The International House of Women.



PH.D. in Social Anthropology, Oxford University

M.Litt. in Social Anthropology, Oxford University

M.A. in Social Anthropology, conferred upon successful completion of a one-year post-graduate degree course from Oxford University.

B.A. in Anthropology, University of Washington


Published Work

Gregory Smith and Gilda Berruti, « Social agriculture, antimafia and beyond: toward a value chain analysis of Italian food », Anthropology of food [Online], Articles VARIA, Online since 03 October 2019, connection on 16 October 2019. URL : http://journals.openedition.org/aof/10306


Courses Taught

HISTORY 2319: Mafia in Modern Italy

SOCIOLOGY 3230: Selected topics: Italian Mafia

GEOGRAPHY & URBAN STUDIES 4000: Special topics: Italian Mafia

CRIMINAL JUSTICE 3000: Special topics: Italian Mafia

ANTHROPOLOGY 2227: Popular culture in Modern Italy

GEOGRAPHY & URBAN STUDIES 3000: Special Topics in Geography and Urban Studies: Popular Culture in Modern Italy


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