Born in North Germany, Prof. Buening worked in Economics before turning to art, where she focused on sculpture, photography and printmaking. She is deeply committed to teaching, and is on the faculty at St. Stephens School in Rome, the American University in Rome, and Temple University Rome where she teaches digital photography. Her work is influenced by her love for nature and often she integrates into her work the materials which nature has given to her, combining these with prints, drawings, photography and sculptural elements, as she investigates how our lives can be made better through nature and how nature can teach us to be more connected with ourselves. She has shown extensively in Germany, at the NORD-ART and at the Kunstverein Buxtehude, and in Rome, at the Studio Tiepolo 38, the St. Stephen’s School Cultural Center and the Sala Uno. Buening won the sculpture prize for her work “Inside and Outside the Boxes,” included in the Oltre I libri exhibition at the Bibloteca Angelica in Rome.



MA in economy at University of Hamburg MA, Germany


Courses Taught

VISUAL STUDIES 2852: Concept Studio Photo Imaging Digital

ART 2603: Photo 1: Digital


Artist Statement

My move to Italy perhaps was one of the biggest change in my live. Even though I had previously transformed myself from an economist to an artist. Therefor it also influenced my art enormously. First of all moving from a big city like Hamburg to the countryside in the middle of nowhere put me in a completely new situation. At least that was my feeling. So I started to work with natural material and material I found in my new environment like sheep wool, the bark of trees and others. The nature became more and more my source of inspiration, observing during the year the changes and the big implement nature has on us. I am a trained sculptor, but printmaking and photography became a vivid part of my artwork. In my work I try to transmit that live has always also a light side and that no matter how deep we dig or fall in the end there is hope.


Recent Exhibitions

2019, “Looking at the trees, gazing at the sky” with Anita Guera and Lucy Clink in the cultural center of St. Stephen’s Rome, Italy

2018, “Terra incognita” StudioTieplo38 , Rome, Italy

2018, “Under Another Roof”at IA&A at Hillyer, Washington DC, USA and “Under the Same Roof” at Sala 1, Rome, Italy


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